What is Web Hosting

If you want to start with your own online business, a website, domain name and web hosting is required.

Web Hosting is the internet services that provide the resources to servers leased to enable any person placing information on the Internet.

Server hosting consists of a combination of servers or a server that is connected with high speed internet network.

There are several types of hosting services and that are shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS or also known as Virtual Private Server, dedicated servers, cloud computing solutions and colocation servers.

Shared Hosting is using a shared server with other users where resources, space and bandwidth is shared with n number of users.

Reseller hosting is a opportunity to make money online where the user can have it’s own customer base and sell the hosting to other users for making profit.

VPS, Virtual Private Server, is a virtualization process of the operating system software environment used by the server. Because this environment is a virtual environment, it is possible to install the operating system that can run on other operating systems.

Dedicated Server is a server that is used by single user who needs big amount of resources, or applications for running the website without any issues.

Colocation server is a service where you rent a place to put the server that is used for hosting. In short, it is a server that is provided by customers which are kept in data centers or in the premises of web hosting provider for fearless performance.

If compared with stores in the offline world, a domain is a shops name and web hosting is where this shop is. If the owner wants his store to be accessible for customers then a place of distinction must be integrated. Likewise, with the website address, if you want it to be accessible online, then web hosting is required.

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