What is your type of Linux?

  • December 16, 2014
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Originally released in 1991, Linux is becoming an increasingly popular choice for use as the operating system of the computer or laptop back home. More and more home users are finding this solid alternative to Windows or Mac OS X. While Linux is now to appear in the homes of users, it is a solution used in the academic environment and the web server. Unlike commercial operating systems, the Linux source code is open source, with several programmers contributions of communities that are always working to improve the product in general. The result is several operating system changes. There are several Linux distributions and although all have as the basis of the code, each distro is developed to think about specific needs. This article will talk about some of the most popular Linux distributions, you can find when choosing a web hosting service provider.


Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions and focused distro for the consumer. This is because the platform is designed to be more like Windows 7 than with a solution to web server. Indeed, it has several features that can be compared with Windows. With that said, Ubuntu becomes a solid choice for the sites hosting environment and can actually be used as a server operating system.


As you may have noticed, Kubuntu is very similar to Ubuntu in terms of operation and functionality. The big difference between these two platforms is that they use different file systems. Apart from that, both operating systems have the same features and are easier to use than other Linux distros. This is an advantage for administrators who often need to deal with the complexities and challenges of web server management.


Debian distro is another widely used and who knows, is one of the most common in web hostings. It is also more difficult to use distro. Although Ubuntu and Kubuntu are based on this platform, Debian is not necessarily easy to use. However, this particular platform has excellent scalability and is very flexible.


Fedora is a Linux distribution that light often comes free with many plans for dedicated servers. These system is based and sponsored by Red Hat Linux, who holds the commercial distribution that is more competitive with Microsoft Windows. With regard to desktops, Fedora is often used on older computers simply because have low system requirements and use fewer resources. However, this system increases its power as a web server.


Means Community Enterprise Operating System, CentOS is another distribution based on Red Hat Linux. However the source code is available under the GPL license. Due to Red Hat, CentOS benefited greatly from commercial development in stability, performance and security. An increasingly popular option on dedicated servers and virtual private servers.

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