What kind of Server to Choose? (Dynamic, Dedicated or Virtual)

  • December 26, 2013
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Whether your project requires online widely available hardware resources as if you drive a lot of your databases or pages receive a large number of visits you’ve probably begun to ask yourself the option of investing in a server, in Looking for a more private setting and management and control options.

However, one of the most difficult issues when addressing this major change is to choose which type of server is best suited for our business. It is normal end lost between the amount of available offers. Without going any further, data center service providers offers a wide range of servers , each with its own characteristics, while they may be appropriate for a particular project may result in a loss of money or other resources in many cases.

For example, suppose you are looking for yourself to manage all the resources of a server hosting horoscope website. In this case, a dedicated server is the best option for you. With it you get to maximize the availability of resources, which will come under your control, allowing complete access to root.

At data centers you can find a wide range of dedicated servers, ranging from 2 cores at its most basic form up to 12 cores and 32 GB of RAM. In addition, these servers include Intel Xeon processors and next generation.

If instead you think a dedicated (ie, a physical machine with complete hardware configuration and software) server is not the best option for your company or is above your means, but do not want to give up a large security to protect your data, you may have a virtual server is the most appropriate option for you.

A virtual server is a compromise between a dedicated server and shared hosting, which gives managers a website the ability to host your own server without having to deal with the complexity and high cost of a dedicated server. Furthermore, this type of server each client has its own independent security enclosure rest . Each virtual server runs in its own space, and do not share memory between them. Therefore, if a customer consumes all the resources of your machine, this does not affect other clients and servers.

Virtual servers are partitions within a server, installing software on a physical server. This option is best suited for small projects or who are in the first phase. Of course, when choosing this type of server we will be giving up some of their own dedicated servers such as greater memory and features. With virtual servers, you can enjoy up to 8 GB of RAM and 200 GB of storage. However, you can easily switch to a longer range plan if you notice that the activity of your website increases considerably.

Finally, data center solution providers offers its customers the opportunity to hire a dynamic server . The Dynamic Cloud Server lets you have full control over your consumption allowing you to configure the resources per hour. This way you will be paying only for performance and server resources you really need. And even you can cut costs the most by disabling the server at any time by switching it to “sleep mode” . It is also a wise choice for a web site you are starting out and do not have too much traffic that is quite discontinuous.

In short, it is important to reflect on the activity of our website and the services offered by our business before deciding which type of server is the best for us.

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