Windows 8 In 6 Months: 100 Million Licenses Sold


Tami Reller, responsible for marketing and finance of Windows 8, said at a session of questions and answers about what happened in last six months of commercial launch system.

In these six months over 100 million licenses of Windows 8 were sold. The number includes all types: OEM licenses (that come with new computers, dedicated servers, laptops or tablets) and upgrades sold on DVD or download. The speed of adoption gave an apparently fallen since in January announced the sale of 60 million licenses.

The amount of equipment certified for Windows 8 and Windows RT (ARM version) comes to 2400.

It reaffirms that the Windows Blue is an update to be released later this year, something corroborated by Julie Larson-Green , VP of Windows at Wired Business Conference. A public preview of the update will be released in late June during the BUILD conference.

The Windows “Blue” brings changes in the interface to respond to feedback from users. There are rumors of a feature to boot directly to the desktop and back of the Start button (which would lead to the same current Start screen, not the old menu of Windows 7). A compilation leaked some time ago appeared improvements in modern apps that could run side by side taking up half the screen each (quite a step forward) and more customization options.

The update in question will also improve various technical aspects of Windows, such as better support for multiple devices with lower screen resolutions and performance optimizations.

Tami also commented that the amount of apps in the Windows Store has grown 6 times since launch. Compared to the iOS App Store in its first year. In these six months over 250 million apps have been downloaded from the Windows Store. An interesting fact is that almost 90% of the catalog is downloaded every month, meaning many less popular apps are still downloaded by new users with a certain frequency.

Since the launch of Windows 8, it is getting important updates via Windows Update as usual. In addition to improvements to native apps one that stands out is the activation of Flash by default on Windows 8 and RT to all sites. In the “Metro” (modern) Flash was released only to sites previously tested.

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