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Developing or setting an eCommerce website catalog, eCommerce hosting, and other safety measures

Developing or setting an eCommerce website catalog, eCommerce hosting and other safety measures

Developing or setting an eCommerce web site needs enough practice on all technical aspects, sufficient knowledge, your product and services, and of course lot of efforts especially marketing them online, when it’s made from the scratch. First you have...

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Email in the Cloud: Problems and Solutions

  • September 05, 2012
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Cloud computing is changing the ways IT can function for enterprises. It has opened up new opportunities for efficient, cost effective and customized operations for handling enterprise data. Cloud email is one such cloud based service which is attracting businesses and they are looking for cloud email service providers to host their email. But...

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eNlight Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery

When planning Disaster Recovery (DR), it is important for a business to have taken into consideration all of the necessary factors so that in the event of there being issues at the primary site that necessitate the need for services to be served from the DR location, this transfer can be seamless so that visitors...

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What Do You Mean By Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is a step ahead of dedicated hosting. It is similar to dedicated server hosting where the complete resources are allocated to your website but in this case you are owner of the server. In simple words, you purchase the hardware of your choice and place it with the hosting company, and you just...

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Probably many of them are worried about the choice of host at the first time, thought about how to determine the optimal solution for small money. Why the best? Yes, because clients almost always simply overpay for absolutely unused technology, and sometimes vice versa.

Consider the following situation. You are in conjunction with the development team...

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