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Some Common Questions about Cloud Services

Since last year I have been discussing Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing, both at events such as meetings and conversations with customers. In fact, it’s getting harder to participate in any conversation about this subject without IT failure.

But I still feel that ignorance is great. Much curiosity, but little action. Well, these conversations collected an ever-recurring question, which I will share with you here on the blog.

One question is “What can I operate in a cloud?”. In practice a cloud environment will not solve all the problems of an IT company. There will...

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Usefulness And Usability of Cloud Hosting

Today, we can see many articles written on the usefulness and usability in general about the pros and cons of cloud hosting.

What’s interesting (not interesting), if we talk more about the duration of the test than on productive use of:

1. No fees for initial setup and incoming traffic, a small number of cloud Storage, there...

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