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What is RS-232?

RS-232 is quite famous term in telecommunications, RS-232 stands for Recommended Standard 232. RS-232 is a standard used for serial binary data signals which connects DCE (Data Circuit-terminating Equipment) to DTE (Data Terminal Equipment), most commonly used in my today’s horoscope computer serial ports. In today’s computers RS-232 is replaced with USB for local communications. RS-232 is slower than USB. USB is simple to use with its easy connectors and also it use very less energy. RS-232 and USB both have software support for all the famous operating systems. USB make it easy for...

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Logical Partition or LPAR

When Hardware resources of many computer’s are Virtualized as a separate computer, this whole process is called Logical Partition or LPAR. A single physical machine can be portioned into multiple LPAR’s with each accommodating a separate operating system. Mostly Logical portioning is performed on the hardware layer. Two LPARs can access...

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Usage of Terminal Server

Serial Server or Terminal Servers allows companies to connect with RS485, RS422 or RS232 serial interface to Ethernet LANs. Often products which are available as Terminal Server are simple devices without any security functionality like user authentication and data encryption. Key feature of terminal servers is to enable serial devices to access network...

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Data Migration a review

Often you came across the term Data Migration, specially is its about web world and Internet. The process of Data transferring data between computer systems, or any other storage types is called Data Migration. To decrease human work data migration is often performed programmatically known as automated migration. Data migration is...

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Managed or Unmanaged Colocation choose wisely

Colocation is a wise concept and there are many points to be cared of when some one is going for Colocation servers Hosting. If you take care some of the factors you can make best out of Colocation hosting. Sometimes it’s the knowledge and skills of your staff or it may be the...

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