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Crazy For IT, The Challenge Continues

Currently tale a team of 40 members under my management and have the daily challenge of turning this team, which has the technical excellence of its most striking feature, in a support team crazy for IT.

This play on the words “you” and “IT” (Information Technology) is a challenge that really translates into our mission to serve you well, though hard, every day we can confirm that we are on the way sure. Certainly we cannot achieve a 100% satisfaction, however, currently we have reached the 89% satisfaction index.

This past year, I attended several lectures,...

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What Companies Need To Know About ‘Middleware’?

Outside of the tech world, the word middleware is not so important as well. But four decades ago few visionaries, scholars invented the term that is still so used and so little known in the IT market. The introduction took place in the area of distributed systems and, since then, all that lies between the...

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What is Google Nose? Something Fishy about the New Service from Google

While doing a Google search, I noticed something called “nose’” in its usual search tools. Curious, I opened it up and was greeted by the announcement of a ‘The new scentsation in search’
Now very curious, I read on:
•    ‘Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new...

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