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TCO for Cloud Computing

We already saw what is Total Cost Ownership of a Data Centers. Cloud Computing a new kind of technology which is being considered as the future of hosting and web world. Cloud Hosting has got many advantages over other traditional hosting services like VPS hosting, Shared Hosting or dedicated server hosting.


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Unseen Dangers of a Cheap Colocation Facility

Final aim of a colocation facility isĀ  to deliver 100% uptime, for this a colocation facility requires many other provisions like redundant power systems, sufficient cooling, and intelligent cooling. 100% uptime is impossible to imagine without these systems. When choosing a colocation facility always remember that there is something more important than money....

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Understand Cloud Computing?

It is not necessary that you have to be a tech guy to learn about Cloud Computing, nowadays everybody knows everything aboutĀ  Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is just like the previous technologies which changed the whole concept of web world, like Internet, Web 2.0 and wireless computing. They completely changed the way we...

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Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Its Cloud Computing which allows you to access all your documents and application anytime and anywhere in the world. Releasing you from detaining you from desktop every time. Cloud and computing and Colocation services are seen as future of web world. But nothing is perfect in the world and just like that cloud...

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Importance of SQL Server Replication

Just like the SQL Server replication of SQL server is also important. SQL Server replications allows administrators to divide data to various servers all over an organization. Importance of replication can be understood by following below given reasons:

Offline Processing – there are many users round the world who wish to change data from your database...

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