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Why you need a Data Center?

In today’s jet age, data is saved on the servers instead paper documentation. All companies save their data on web servers save their precious data on web servers, including customer records and other valuable information. Server on which your data is saved needs intense care and continuous monitoring, which is only possible if...

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Ideal Floor Plan for Data Center

Data Centers Floor plans are as much important as other important factors of a Data Centers like cooling and power supply. Floor plans requires planned placement of all the computer equipments in order to optimize cooling and air flow without any ill effects on the working environment, still providing utmost scalability...

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Blade Servers

There are many kind of servers in Data Centers, they are differentiated according to their arrangement and their size. One of the most famous and known servers are Blade Servers. Blade Servers are design in such a way that they occupy minimum space. Unlike other rack-mount server which have many heavy...

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Pros and Cons of Colocation

Colocation services is a type of hosting service which allows companies to buy rack space in Data Centers. There they store their own server equipment. Facilities provided by these Data Centers is purposely built for Colocation hosting services. By following this way companies can have their own servers without placing them on their...

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Difference between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Virtualization are completely two different technologies. Both of them are considered as future saving technologies and that is the only similarity between them. In the process of Cloud Computing easily scalable and mostly virtualized data resources are provided to the users over the internet. Using Cloud computing colocation provider or...

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