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Earn More and Pay Less With Data Center Services

A lot of business organizations fail to realize this, but data center services can be a right move when you want to earn more, pay less and get a great level of services. It sounds amazing, but is it possible?

Yes, When a Data Center service provider is having a large client base, their operating expense...

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What are Data Center Services Anyway?

Data center services providers are having biggest storage facility where they are making use of servers and computes to store all the digital information of their clients. One of the biggest data centers in the world belongs to Google and it is well known as Googleplex which is located in Mountain View, California where all...

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Factors to Ponder When Selecting Data Center Services

Most of the large organizations that don’t have time to manage their web servers usually opt for the huge services like Data Centers. Basically a data center is a storage facility for servers and related equipments, where website owners keep their company servers by paying the service charges.

A data...

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Passive Immersion Cooling

Servers work 24X7 and therefore they generate immense heat. Performance of servers is decreased because of the heat produced. Cooling is one of the most important part of Data Centers industry and millions of dollars are spent every year to find out the best and cheapest solution to keep servers cool, for optimum...

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Submerged Servers – New Era of Data Center Cooling

When looking for cooling solutions, only choice data center operators are left with is hot or cold aisle layout. To solve the problem and to make cooling in data center more flexible a new cooling technology just hit the world of data centers, submerged servers.

This new kind of cooling technology promises...

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