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Classification of Data Center

Now in this modern age online business is a well known word for all. Everyone know about online business and it’s related words such as web hosting, Data center etc. A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and united components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It usually includes services like...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Colocation

Colocation simply means a provision of space for customer’s telecommunications or computer equipment at the service provider’s premises with minimum cost and complexity. It is also called as carrier hotel. Companies can buy rack space and store their own server equipment in data centre which are custom build for this purpose. In colocation services multiple...

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Crazy For IT, The Challenge Continues

Currently tale a team of 40 members under my management and have the daily challenge of turning this team, which has the technical excellence of its most striking feature, in a support team crazy for IT.

This play on the words “you” and “IT” (Information Technology) is a challenge that really translates into our mission to...

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The Right Time To Take Your SME Into The Clouds

The advantages of storage systems for cloud and production are high and each day many new options are available in the market and new paradigms are broken. In the storage area, for example, have several options in the cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Cloud Backup.

The options for cloud services for SMEs raise companies...

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Data Center Knowledge

The Data Center is an environment designed to house servers and other components such as data storage systems (storage arrays) and active network (switches, routers). The main purpose of a data center is to ensure the availability of equipment that run critical business systems of an organization, such as ERP or CRM , thus ensuring...

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