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eNlight Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery

When planning Disaster Recovery (DR), it is important for a business to have taken into consideration all of the necessary factors so that in the event of there being issues at the primary site that necessitate the need for services to be served from the DR location, this transfer can be seamless so that visitors...

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Usefulness And Usability of Cloud Hosting

Today, we can see many articles written on the usefulness and usability in general about the pros and cons of cloud hosting.

What’s interesting (not interesting), if we talk more about the duration of the test than on productive use of:

1. No fees for initial setup and incoming traffic, a small number of cloud Storage, there...

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Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the most kind of servers in the world. After dedicated servers, VPS hosting is the one most preferred by the clients.  Dedicated server is divided into several virtual slices and each of that slice acts like a small dedicated server.

Users of one virtual server...

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