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Benefits of GIS & RS in Watershed Management

The scientific and rational land and water resource management is the basic need for providing basic necessities i.e. food and water to the millions of human and livestock population. Increasing biotic pressure and over exploitation of land, deforestation and improper water management lead to increase erosion, development of water logging and conversion of...

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Crazy For IT, The Challenge Continues

Currently tale a team of 40 members under my management and have the daily challenge of turning this team, which has the technical excellence of its most striking feature, in a support team crazy for IT.

This play on the words “you” and “IT” (Information Technology) is a challenge that really translates into our mission to...

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The Right Time To Take Your SME Into The Clouds

The advantages of storage systems for cloud and production are high and each day many new options are available in the market and new paradigms are broken. In the storage area, for example, have several options in the cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Cloud Backup.

The options for cloud services for SMEs raise companies...

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