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Three Steps To Secure your Data Center

Its Cloud Computing which bought server-oriented, virtualization and new Internet applications. With Cloud Computing Data Center Services are now more active with flexible boundaries. However this change towards Cloud Computing also added new levels of intricacies. IT managers now have to work more hard in order to secure equipment in Data Center so that precious...

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Automation in Data Centers

In early processor era Data Centers was intended to maintain single centralized platform with only a single operating system. These Data Centers were usually related to only few applications. In those days computer workloads were well understood and well controlled, irrespective of the fact that Data center management was complicated. Those days are...

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Rightsizing Servers

Commonly people consider performance with speed. If go deeply and find the meaning of the word performance in dictionary it will be defined as how good something performs the functions or actions for which its is assigned. When you are dealing with servers in Data Center Services, you should care for more than...

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