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Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing provides a strong frame to a company to solve one of the most serious problem for IT industry that is Resource Planning. Every new company dreams of getting famous in few days and expect that new clients start using their services. . But for the IT department this can be nightmare because such flow of traffic will require more and more computing power than on any other day. Now to handle the situation if the company buys many computer equipments, than on an average day most of the machines will...

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Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the most kind of servers in the world. After dedicated servers, VPS hosting is the one most preferred by the clients.  Dedicated server is divided into several virtual slices and each of that slice acts like a small dedicated server.

Users of one virtual server...

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Importance of Data Centers Location

Most ideal locations for a data center is the one which have sufficient supply of electricity, near to vendor market and generally a cold place. Perfect site for Data Center Services location is the one which is not prone to flood or any other natural calamities. Also it is better to avoid locations...

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TCO for Cloud Computing

We already saw what is Total Cost Ownership of a Data Centers. Cloud Computing a new kind of technology which is being considered as the future of hosting and web world. Cloud Hosting has got many advantages over other traditional hosting services like VPS hosting, Shared Hosting or dedicated server hosting.


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Unseen Dangers of a Cheap Colocation Facility

Final aim of a colocation facility is  to deliver 100% uptime, for this a colocation facility requires many other provisions like redundant power systems, sufficient cooling, and intelligent cooling. 100% uptime is impossible to imagine without these systems. When choosing a colocation facility always remember that there is something more important than money....

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