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Enter the world of Cloud Computing

  • November 05, 2013
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The “cloud” is nothing more than the completion of tasks, such as task processing and storage of files, from an internet connection. With the cloud you can get a virtual disk that can store the file on a secure and reliable storage server. The types of storage work with a data storage that is updated...

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The Right Time To Take Your SME Into The Clouds

The advantages of storage systems for cloud and production are high and each day many new options are available in the market and new paradigms are broken. In the storage area, for example, have several options in the cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Cloud Backup.

The options for cloud services for SMEs raise companies...

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Cloud Computing Leverages The BYOD: Dream or Nightmare For The CIO?

The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is under the spotlight of modern CIOs, is indisputable. Still, the proliferation of these devices in an uncontrolled and unmanaged way, may turn the CIO’s dream of having outdated PCs supplemented or even replaced by these new technologies into a nightmare. In times of large investments in...

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Usefulness And Usability of Cloud Hosting

Today, we can see many articles written on the usefulness and usability in general about the pros and cons of cloud hosting.

What’s interesting (not interesting), if we talk more about the duration of the test than on productive use of:

1. No fees for initial setup and incoming traffic, a small number of cloud Storage, there...

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Trends in Data Center

Companies need to enhance their technology investments, specially because of the economic ambiguity. Every industry was affected because of the economic recession. Data Centers India solutions providers were also affected and they are under pressure to preserve the levels of reliability, security, flexibility and efficiency and that to without increasing any cost even...

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