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Enjoying Virtualization

For most of the people server virtualization sounds something complex, but if you will go through it you will find it much more easier. Virtualization is considered as one of the mainstream technology and it is the popular solution for data center management for every type of company. Understanding the basics server virtualization...

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Types of Cloud Computing

Whenever IT always need to add capabilities or increase capacity without investing in a new infrastructure, licensing new software, or training new staff first word that came to your mind is Cloud Computing. Any subscription based or pay-per-use service over the Internet is included in Cloud Computing, it helps in extending IT limits. You may...

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What is Client Server?

Client server networking or computing helps in partitioning tasks or distributing work load between service providers and service requester’s, who are known as clients. Client Server is a distributed application architecture. It is seen that frequently servers and clients operate on a computer network on separate hardware. Server machines which share...

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Steps before going for Green Data Center

Green is the new word for the generation of 21st century and it is the only word which can save the world from a large catastrophe. Every business is adding something green to their working process, so that CO2 level of atmosphere can be reduced and global warming can be controlled....

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Important Steps for Data Center Design

Constructing a Data Center takes a lots of research and resources. There are many points to be cared of and instead simply planning some rough design, you need experts for the job to be done. Planning a Data Center is not just placing some servers and racks. Carefully follow the below given points...

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