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Tier System in Data Center

A famous term associated with Data Centers is tier standards. Tier standards can be defined as standardized channels used to figure out availability in a data centers. Tier system is very much important for all the data centers let it be Fully Managed Data Centers India or partially managed data centers. Tier system...

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Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing provides a strong frame to a company to solve one of the most serious problem for IT industry that is Resource Planning. Every new company dreams of getting famous in few days and expect that new clients start using their services. . But for the IT department this can be nightmare...

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Importance of Data Centers Location

Most ideal locations for a data center is the one which have sufficient supply of electricity, near to vendor market and generally a cold place. Perfect site for Data Center Services location is the one which is not prone to flood or any other natural calamities. Also it is better to avoid locations...

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Top 10 Trends of Data Centers in 2010

The Year 2010 will change many things about Data Centers, it is expected that some powerful and strong technological advancements will change the view of data centers. 2010 will be completely different for data centers from the previous few years. Here are the few points which are expected to be changed in data centers:

Cooling System...
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Misconceptions About Automation in Data Center

Automation brings many benefits to the data center services like better service levels, less operational costs and above all an improved performance for the data center. But still organizations are afraid of adapting to data center automation. Ignoring the current some of the advancements made in automation in data centers previous developments added...

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