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Geographically Located, Redundant Data Centers (Part I)

With the growing role of information systems in ensuring the smooth functioning of business processes of enterprises and organizations have increased the risks associated with the inaccessibility of data and information services that implement core business processes. The availability of enterprise information system is directly related to the continuity and business efficiency.

Availability of data centers...

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What Are Data Centers Exactly?

Professional Accommodation

A professional catering which is organized for space that is reserved for the servers of paramount importance. Whatever type of accommodation, the servers are located in special rooms, are called Data Centers.

Data Centers

A Data Center is organized into compartments, lockers that can accommodate elements...

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Factors to Ponder When Selecting Data Center Services

Most of the large organizations that don’t have time to manage their web servers usually opt for the huge services like Data Centers. Basically a data center is a storage facility for servers and related equipments, where website owners keep their company servers by paying the service charges.

A data...

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Top 10 Trends of Data Centers in 2010

The Year 2010 will change many things about Data Centers, it is expected that some powerful and strong technological advancements will change the view of data centers. 2010 will be completely different for data centers from the previous few years. Here are the few points which are expected to be changed in data centers:

Cooling System...
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