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What kind of Server to Choose? (Dynamic, Dedicated or Virtual)

  • December 26, 2013
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Whether your project requires online widely available hardware resources as if you drive a lot of your databases or pages receive a large number of visits you’ve probably begun to ask yourself the option of investing in a server, in Looking for a more private setting and management and control options.

However, one of the most...

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Crazy For IT, The Challenge Continues

Currently tale a team of 40 members under my management and have the daily challenge of turning this team, which has the technical excellence of its most striking feature, in a support team crazy for IT.

This play on the words “you” and “IT” (Information Technology) is a challenge that really translates into our mission to...

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Probably many of them are worried about the choice of host at the first time, thought about how to determine the optimal solution for small money. Why the best? Yes, because clients almost always simply overpay for absolutely unused technology, and sometimes vice versa.

Consider the following situation. You are in conjunction with the development team...

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4 Signs That May Require a Dedicated Server

We have gathered some factors that may influence the purchase decision (or rent) a dedicated server . The main “symptoms” of this need are:

1. Your website has become so popular that its traffic is already beginning to “weigh” on your current server. If you want to control this situation, and always provide the best possible...

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